Rubio immigration reform proposal sees Congress in charge of border security

There's a lot wrong with the Senate version of immigration reform, but even one of its strongest proponents, Senator Marco Rubio, believes the section on border security is inadequate. Rubio is shopping a proppsed amendment to the bill that would take the responsibility for border security away from the White House and make Congress responsible. Politico: Rubio, a key member of the Gang of Eight, is shopping around a proposal to have Congress -- not the Department of Homeland Security -- write the border control strategy that would be a prerequisite for most of the other elements of reform. Rubio hasn't yet landed on specific parameters, but, arguing that Americans don't trust their government to get it right, Rubio wants lawmakers to craft the plan at the outset, rather than leave the details up to the Obama administration.   But already, reform proponents worry that the Senate supermajority is an elusive goal that could undermine the bill, particularly on border ...(Read Full Post)