Pro-Morsi protestors in Egypt appear to gird for battle

Carrying sticks and makeshift sheilds, supporters of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi appear to be prepared for anything as massive crowds stream into historic Tahir Square for demonstrations that call for the ouster of the president. Reuters: Egyptians and their security forces prepared for demonstrations on Sunday that may determine their future, two years after people power toppled a dictator and ushered in a democracy crippled by bitter divisions. Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood can hope protests fizzle out like previous outbursts. If they do not, some form of compromise, possibly arbitrated by the army, may be on the cards. Waving national flags, thousands gathered on Cairo's Tahrir Square, cradle of the 2011 uprising against Hosni Mubarak. They hope that, after the working day, millions will rally across the country to unseat President Mohamed Mursi - exactly a year since the Islamist became Egypt's first freely elected leader. Across a capital eerily quiet for...(Read Full Post)