Nobody respects Obama

A few days after an underwhelming trip to Europe, President Obama faces another leadership test.  I just hope that there is someone in this White House who can get past Valerie Jarrett and tell President Obama that he is not doing very well in these leadership tests.  In fact, he is doing very poorly.

The Snowden episode is the latest example that "hope and change" is an "oldie" but not a "goodie."

First, we apparently did not do the paperwork correctly to get Mr Snowden extradited.  Hong Kong is saying that we presented the the wrong forms, or that they did not comply with their law. 

Wrong forms? How many of these forms are there anyway?  The US is saying that there was nothing wrong with the paperwork.

The problem is that we look really stupid arguing with Hong Kong about paperwork.  This is dumber than the IRS sending 23,000 checks to the same address!

Second, no one is afraid of the US and that is very bad for the world's only superpower. 

Ecuador, a small country in South America, is now spitting in our face.  We should be warning Ecuador about drastic consequences to our relationship if they allow Snowden to land in their country. Ecuador may listen now that Chavez is dead.

Cuba, a country asking us to end the embargo and bail out the communist regime, is not showing a lot of respect either.   President Obama should tell the State Department to stop travel visas to Cuba and freeze remittances to the island.

Venezuela, the country that Secretary Kerry was talking to a couple of weeks, is not showing a lot of respect either.    Wonder how Secretary Kerry feels about his "lifeline" now?

This is unacceptable.  Unfortunately, this is what happens when nobody respects the president of the US.