Michelle Obama's Black Reparation Junket

Michelle Obama has been capitalizing on her status as a descendant of slaves.  Her latest junket to Ireland shows she is definitely enjoying the 21st-century benefits of the transatlantic slave trade her radical friends in Chicago refer to as "genocide" by white Americans.

According to the First Couple's pals, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Rahm Emanuel, and Dr. Conrad W. Worrill of Northeastern University, white Americans should monetarily compensate black Americans for past slavery.  The four, along with others, have been pushing reparations legislation since 1987.

Worrill, a lesser-known Obama friend, has been involved with the National Black United Front, a Chicago-based, '60s-style radical group.  He's also with the National Coalition of Reparations for Blacks in America (N'COBRA).

The black professor doesn't admit that it was his own hatred, along with that of others like Michelle Obama, that beat this reparations and "slave masters" garbage into the black consciousness over the last four decades, but the meme is finally paying off for jet-setting Michelle.

According to Worrill, who showed up as Mr. Obama's special guest this past February when the president spoke at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago, "white folk of all stripes owe reparations. Yes, they owe. They benefited simply because they white."

In 2002, Worrill actually organized a March in D.C. called "They Owe Us."  He was also a close friend of Michelle's hero, Stokely Carmichael, and a rabid anti-Semite.  He railed against Jewish organizations in 2010, stating, "They do not want to face the truth. The Jewish Zionist forces have consistently not wanted to address the truth of their involvement in the slave trade, controlling Black institutions in the philosophical and educational arenas."

In a 2008 interview, Worrill let us know why Michelle and Barack will continue to spend our money without shame -- and why slavish blacks will continue to give him a pass.

Black people were inspired at the idea of a Black man being in the slave master's house, that the slave master built. So we're celebrating in this idea.  

So you see, Michelle is entitled to fly all over the world as the surrogate beneficiary of reparations.  Hope the poor black folk living in Obama's and Jarrett's tenement slums in Chicago are having a wonderful time watching their beloved First Lady enjoy her $5-million Irish holiday.

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