Maybe the Obama administration doesn't know that Texas has a border with Mexico

We've been a bit skeptical of all of the Obama and DHS statements that the border is more secure than ever.

I guess that the border is "safe" if you don't include Texas.  The NY Times reports that the activity has shifted from Arizona to Texas:

"A surge in migrant traffic across the Southwest border into Texas has resulted in a milestone: the front line of the battle against illegal crossings from Mexico has shifted for the first time in over a decade away from Arizona to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas."

Let me make two points:

1) The border is not secure, at least not the Mexico-Texas border. 

2) Border crossings these days are different than in the past.  In other words, more and more "crossings" these days are cartel related. 

The cartels, one of the most deadly organized crime organizations in the world, are now in the human trafficking business. 

The cartels have replaced the "coyote" who walked you over the border and kept you away from snakes and wild animals.

Do we need border security in the immigration bill?  Yes we do. Just ask any Texan.

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