In Lebanon, the return of the militias

During the 15 year Lebanese civil war, rival militias representing Sunni, Shiite, Druze, and Christians fought for control of the city of Beirut. It was a bloody, destructive civil war and it only ended when there was virtually nothing left to fight over, and Syria was able to occupy most of the country and keep the warring factions apart. The Taif Accords ordered the disbanding of militias and the Syrian army to exit the country. Neither article was honored with Hezb'allah morphing into a political force as well as a terrorist militia and the Syrians staying put for another decade. But other militias stashed their weapons and trained on the sly. Now it appears that with the Syrian civil war dividing this little country even more than it already is, the militas are starting to make their presence known again and, with no government to speak of, may end up igniting a second civil war. Reuters: Residents fear that Syria-related clashes could drag their country back into...(Read Full Post)