Brazilians in the streets and it has nothing to do with 'futbol' victory!

Everybody is focused on Turkey and the riots there.   However, Brazil is burning too and it started with an increase in bus fares: "Political leaders here in Brazil's largest city braced for yet another round of demonstrations on Tuesday night by an increasingly powerful movement that has grown from complaints about bus fares to a broad challenge to political corruption, lavish stadium projects, the cost of living and substandard public services. " Add a little police brutality and you have a first class protest. Brazil will be hosting the next World Cup and Olympics.  It has been building new facilities and hotels to impress the visitors.  There are also significant delays and cost overruns.   These "riots" matter for several reasons:   1) There will be thousands of visitors in the country next year.   All of these protests could make crowd control very complicated.   2) Brazil confirms that "all politics is...(Read Full Post)