'Youths' Riot in Sweden

In addition to the horrendous beheading of a British soldier in Woolwich by Muslim terrorists, Stockholm's suburbs have seen riots for the last four nights, with car burnings and crowds throwing rocks at the police, reminiscent of the recurring riots in France.

Who are these rioters? The story on the Huffington Post has the following descriptions: "Gangs of youth... Around 50 youths...The youths set light to a parking garage... masked youths hurling rocks.... One policeman was attacked by youths."

On the Bloomberg article with a link on Drudge, the rioters are described as "stone-throwing youths."

The Washington Post: "Some 200 youths hurled rocks at police...Six youths were arrested."

As for the neighborhood, Huffington reports:

Around 80 percent of the roughly 11,000 people living in Husby - a drab, low-income neighborhood of apartment blocks west of Stockholm - are first or second generation immigrants. "I understand that people react like this," said Rami Al-Khamisi from the organization Megafonen, which represents citizens in Stockholm's suburbs.

The New York Times has a short piece, which refers only to "riots in immigrant neighborhoods."

Bloomberg notes: "The suburb is home to about 12,000 people, 60 percent of whom were born outside the Nordic country... Police are working to identify more rioters, many of whom were masked."

So all we know is that these rioting "citizens" were young masked "youths" who were "first or second generation immigrants." Which countries might they have come from? It's under investigation, and anyway, it's irrelevant because, Bloomberg assures us, "this is about a few criminal youths, not entire neighborhoods."

Some of the people interviewed in these stories: Muhamad Abukar, Quena Soruco, Reza Al Bazi, Rami Al-Khamisi.

Mark Steyn has made a running gag of how the press always refers to French rioters as "youths," refusing to mention their shared characteristic of coming from Muslim countries. You'd think that willful blindness would get more difficult as it's pointed out over and over, but I guess the MSM doesn't listen to Rush when Mark sits in.


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