Wonder how Democrats feel that President Obama is starting his jobs tour in Texas?

President Obama is back in Texas.   He was greeted at the airport by our very upbeat Governor Perry, a man who is always selling Texas here, there and everwhere.

This is President Obama's second trip to Texas this spring.  Maybe somebody told President Obama that the White Sox are in town to play the Rangers or Astros. 

Or, maybe he will catch a Spurs' game and see how San Antonio is booming.  It is a great success story because Mayor Castro (Democrat) can tell businesses from Illinois and California that taxes are low and public sector unions are spineless in a "right to work" state.

Seriously, it may be good for President Obama to check out Texas and see what we are doing right.

For example, Texas has the 18th best unemployment rate in the country.  We are doing a lot better than Illinois (50) or California (48).

Of course, you need to live in Texas to understand why businesses are moving here.

Texas has 3 big things going for it:

First, we like taxpayers NOT taxes.  We want people to come here, make money and enjoy prosperity.  We think that Texas wins when people are prosperous. 

Second, we are not a heavily regulated state. No one hates the Obama EPA more than Texans.

Third, workforce quality is second to none.  We have great companies and schools. 

Let me join fellow Hispanic Senator Cruz and welcome President Obama to Texas.  Let's all remember what Senator Cruz said today:

"Texas continues to outperform the nation in terms of economic growth and job creation. The state's unemployment rate has consistently remained below the national average, currently at 6.4 percent, compared to the national rate of 7.6 percent. Eight of the 15 fastest-growing large cities between 2010 and 2011 were in Texas. And as states with high spending and high taxes are losing jobs, Texas is gaining them. In fact, between 2006 and 2012, Texas gained one million jobs, while California lost 359,000 jobs. Additionally, Texas continues to receive national accolades for its robust business climate, most recently in a report released this week by Chief Executive Magazine, naming Texas the best state for business for the ninth consecutive year."



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