Why Has Conservative Media Ignored Michelle Rhee's Connection to Common Core?

Now that citizens across the country are becoming more aware of the detrimental aspects of the already adopted Common Core State Standards, Michelle Rhee, the face of education reform, has commented "I do think that there has to be a very strong defense of the common core[.]" In a recent interview Rhee suggested to proponents of CCSS to switch up the argument "The federal government is trying to stick something down your throat" with "This is about China kicking our butts. Do you want China to kick our butts? No!" Do we really want to be like China? Why doesn't she address the concerns of the people, that there is an actual danger of a centralized bureaucracy controlling everything our children will learn from zero to career ready? Ever since Rhee came on the scene in DC in 2007, she hasn't said much about textbooks or standards. Did Rhee hoodwink unsuspecting Republican governors and other GOP legislators into accepting Common Core by not talking about curriculum whenever she was...(Read Full Post)