Why Has Conservative Media Ignored Michelle Rhee's Connection to Common Core?

Now that citizens across the country are becoming more aware of the detrimental aspects of the already adopted Common Core State Standards, Michelle Rhee, the face of education reform, has commented "I do think that there has to be a very strong defense of the common core[.]"

In a recent interview Rhee suggested to proponents of CCSS to switch up the argument "The federal government is trying to stick something down your throat" with "This is about China kicking our butts. Do you want China to kick our butts? No!"

Do we really want to be like China? Why doesn't she address the concerns of the people, that there is an actual danger of a centralized bureaucracy controlling everything our children will learn from zero to career ready?

Ever since Rhee came on the scene in DC in 2007, she hasn't said much about textbooks or standards. Did Rhee hoodwink unsuspecting Republican governors and other GOP legislators into accepting Common Core by not talking about curriculum whenever she was asked?

The way it looks, Rhee had her role--lobbying state legislatures to implement her reforms of teaching to the test, merit pay for teachers, removal of teacher tenure, removal of last in, first out and allowance of vouchers--and her colleague at StudentsFirst the "architect" of Common Core David Coleman had his role--write up one set of national standards to centralize curricula.

Yet Rhee knew all along that Coleman who acted as Treasurer/Director of her lobbying organization StudentsFirst was crafting Common Core at the same time. In all the weeks of talk radio's Glenn Beck vetting the CCSS, why did he not mention Rhee's affiliation with Coleman and Common Core? Why has the conservative media omitted any negative information on Rhee from its reporting?

Since Rhee has made it difficult to follow her money, and StudentsFirst's major contributors like Bill Gates, Walton Foundation, Foster Freiss and Betsy DeVos are considered bipartisan, nonpartisan or conservative this can mean only one thing: Republicans who fell for the Common Core hook line and sinker must also be connected to Michelle Rhee financially.

Why else would no one who has the conservative bully pulpit call out Rhee's relationship with the CCSS? The fact that 48 states may backtrack and attempt to weed out the problems caused by CCSS smells just like Obamacare. Ramrod a program nobody in their right mind would want through the legislature, and then try to get rid of it. Good luck.

But even those on the right who have discovered the problems with CCSS still won't go all the way and round up all the suspects. Why?

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