What's wrong with this ad?

There are two gun-rights billboards in Greeley, Colorado depicting a black-and-white image of three American Indians (or Native Americans, if you prefer politically correct terminology).  Below the picture are the words, "Turn in your arms.  The government will take care of you."

As is to be expected from the mainstream media, this Yahoo News article and accompanying video only quotes or shows those who are disgusted, and believe that the ads are offensive, insensitive, and make light of atrocities the federal government committed.  If the left gets their way, in a day or two, we can expect the racist perpetrators to be shown with their heads bowed, teary-eyed, apologizing to the "victims" and their lawyer for hurting their feelings, making it nearly impossible for them to sleep, and nearly destroying their mental health.

This is political correctness and over-sensitivity run amuck.  Would Jews get offended at hypothetical ads for the Holocaust Museum showing images of Jews in Nazi concentration camps?  Would they be tormented by an anti-Nazi or anti-hate ad showing the same images?  Probably not.  They are offended at silly PETA ads comparing the killing of Jews to the killing of chickens. 

But the Greeley ad is making a serious point about giving the federal government too much power and rendering citizens defenseless by taking away their guns.  If anything, it makes the government look bad.  Whether you agree or disagree with the message, there is nothing derogatory to American Indians here.

Dan Nagasaki is a frequent contributor to AmericanThinker.com and often posts at iOwnTheWorld.com (http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?fvcn-tag=dan-nagasaki).    Glenn Doi is a real estate broker in Los Angeles.

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