What if two guys named Koch bought the LA Times and saved jobs?

The left is going into irrational overdrive because the Koch brothers may buy the LA Times:

"Common Cause, Daily Kos, Free Press and Courage Campaign are among the groups protesting the sale to the conservative financiers, calling them "radical right wing ideologues."  A sale of the company is considered imminent."

We hear that "half" of the staff will quit!  I guess that must be the "half" of the staff still working there after all of the job cuts in recent years. The problems go back to 2008.Frankly, I think that the reporters should be cheering that two guys with deep pockets will buy a newspaper losing readership and sinking in competition with the new media.

After all, how many jobs are the guys at "Daily Kos", "Common Cause", "Free Press" and "Courage Campaign" going to offer all of those reporters threatening to resign if the Koch duo takes over the newspaper? The answer is none.

My advice to the anti-Koch heroes, or those who want to save the world from right wing ideology, is to pick up the phone and chat with some of their unemployed friends of the old media.   They will discover that working for "right wing ideologues" who pay faithfully every two weeks is actually a pretty good life after all.

After all, the best job in the world comes with a paycheck and security.

God bless the employer who puts a direct deposit in your checking account on pay day.  He is a lot better than the liberal who can't make payroll anymore.

There are two problems with the liberal panic over the purchase of The LA Times.

The first one is reality.  In other words, do any of these guys at the LA Times know that they work for an industry in decline?  It's really hard to believe that these reporters think they will resign and get jobs in this industry.

The second one is free speech.  The Koch Brothers have every right to buy the newspaper and run it as they see fit.  After all, isn't that what the current ownership has been doing all of these years.

Call their bluff.   Let's see how many of these reporters would rather be unemployed than working for the Koch Brothers!

Call their bluff and let's see how many will really quit.
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