US Marshals lost track of two terrorists who were in witness protection program

If you think that's good news, here's some more; the IG report that discovered the missing terrorists also found "significant national security vulnerabilties," including the problem that the department doesn't know how many terrorists are actually in the witness protection program. I feel safer already. CNN: As of March 2013, the Justice Department was reviewing more than 18,000 program case files to determine whether more known or suspected terrorists have been admitted, the summary notes. As such, the number of terrorists lost or unaccounted for "may not be complete and may continue to evolve." The summary said that although the Marshals Service was giving known or suspected terrorists who participated in the witness program and their dependents new names and identity documents, the Justice Department "was not authorizing the disclosure to a federal center that operates a terrorist watch list that helps provide information to the Transportation Security Administration's...(Read Full Post)