Two Hamas 'journalists' to be added to Newseum's memorial

The Newseum in Washington, D.C. two Hamas "journalists" killed during Operation Pillar of Defense last year. I use quotes around the word "journalists" because there is no free press in Gaza and the fact that the two men were shilling for a terrorist outfit makes them unworthy to share the same honored place with Americans and others who died in service to a free press. Times of Israel: Al-Kumi and Salama were killed on November 20 by an Israeli air strike during the height of hostilities with Gaza. Both were Hamas members and worked at the time for the Al-Aqsa television network, which is funded by Hamas. According to Al-Aqsa at the time, the IDF targeted their vehicle even though it was clearly marked "TV." In response, the IDF issued a statement accusing the Al-Aqsa network of acting as the voice of terror by featuring programs that praise and incite attacks on Israeli civilians. Moreover, the IDF claimed that al-Kumi and Salama functioned as Hamas operatives, in...(Read Full Post)