Treasury, White House talked about how to release news of IRS targeting scandal

Turns out that the gang who knew nothing, knew everything - and even helped with the PR campaign that rolled out the IRS targeting program to the public. The Hill: Press secretary Jay Carney told reporters that Mark Childress, deputy chief of staff, spoke twice with Treasury Department officials about the IRS's public relations strategy.    "This was just part of trying to find out when and under what circumstances this information would be released, made public and what those findings would be," the press secretary said.  Carney, however, made clear that White House officials were not involved in the discussions leading up to Lois Lerner's disclosure at a May 10 conference of the American Bar Association that groups had been targeted, an apology the IRS now acknowledges came from a planted question.  Lerner is the head of a section that oversees tax-exempt groups, and knew by June 2011 that conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status were under...(Read Full Post)