The Obama administration does not like reporters who work outside of 'the tank'

President Obama "selective appreciation" of the First Amendment is on full display again.  Check out your neighborhood music store because the dark side of "hope and change" has just been released. It's hard to believe that there is anybody out there still caught up in the "hope and change" farce.  Yes, it was always a farce and the last two weeks confirm it. We learned that James Rosen of FOX News was the DOJ's latest target: "The Fox News Channel is outraged over new revelations that three of its reporting staffers were targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice in criminal investigations related to their attempts to obtain information from government sources." Add to this the IRS targeting conservative groups, going after AP phone records, intimidating whistle-blowers over Benghazi & "Fast & Furious" and you have an administration with  very "thin skin." At the end of the day, the Obama administration does not like reporters,...(Read Full Post)