The man who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

Back in 2011, Frank Burke wrote this about President Obama's managerial style:

"In classic management theory, Barack Obama would have to be described as an abdicative manager. 

The abdicative manager evidences a tendency to flee from responsibility and is frequently encountered in situations where he or she never wanted the job in the first place (for instance, a son or daughter who inherits a company or the individual who discovers that they are incapable of adequate performance).  Abdication can be exhibited in a variety of ways, ranging from physically removing oneself through travel (the confusion of movement with action), to obsessing about personal interests or a limited range of controllable subjects."

President Obama's "abdicative style" is also the byproduct of a career devoid of any managerial experience.    After all, this is a man who was elected president of the US without ever running anything.

Beyond style, President Obama seems to love being surrounded by people who idolize him, according to a review of Kenneth Walsh's new book:

"Walsh, who has covered the White House for 25 years and written several books on the presidency, credits Obama for trying to get out of the so-called "bubble," but found that instead the president often relies on a tiny cadre of Chicago aides, thus living in "a bubble within the bubble."

He called top Chicago aide Valerie Jarrett "one of the leading idolizers" who blocks the access of critics to her boss. "Jarrett has gone too far in limiting others' access to the president, according to a number of White House and congressional sources," writes Walsh in the book, due out June 1. "Her goal is to keep Obama in a cocoon of admirers who won't, in her mind, shake him up too much or present views that might be contrary to her understanding of Obama's positions.""

An "abdicative style" plus "a bad case of narcissism" is a time bomb that will consume the man who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Obama survived the first term because of a media in the tank and a very effective vote gathering machine that got him 50.7% of the popular vote. 

President Obama won't be so lucky in his second term.  He either gets in the game or will lose all credibility as a manager.

Speaking of "the man who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue", The White House just said that they didn't know anything about DOJ seizing AP's phone records