The latest IRS story will make ObamaCare even more unpopular

Put me down as one who thinks that this IRS story is really going to hurt President Obama.   Benghazi is hard to follow but everyone understands getting an audit letter from the IRS.  
What we are learning, and probably will learn more over the next few weeks, is that the Obama administration was using the IRS to punish its enemies.

Yes, I said punish its enemies.  What else do you call it when the IRS is used to harass political opponents?  Add to this that IRS officers knew of the problem back in 2011 and this is a first class scandal.

I remind you that the House wrote articles of impeachment in the summer of 1974 based on President Nixon's misuse of the IRS. (Article 2)

The IRS scandal will make it even more difficult to implement ObamaCare or to sell citizens that they will love the program once they learn how it will benefit them.

No way.  The IRS scandal will make it very difficult!

As we learned over the weekend, the IRS will be the key agency enforcing ObamaCare:

"Once Obamacare is fully implemented in 2014, the IRS will enforce 47 new tax provisions along with distributing subsidies to 18 million people and tax credits to small businesses.

The Treasury Department expects the cost of enforcement from 2010 to 2013 to total $881 million. Former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman informed Congress last year the agency would need an additional $13.1 billion in 2014.""

How will the IRS do it?  As Rick Moran said:  forms, forms and more forms and probably a few more forms!

Just what the country needs:  more IRS forms!

Last week, we heard that ObamaCare was behind schedule in the implementation of the exchanges, i.e. Senator Baucus' train wreck.

A few days ago, we heard that the HHS Secretary was looking for "donations" to implement ObamaCare.  The hilarious angle here is that they are looking to health care executive for money!  You can't make this up!

We heard today that the IRS is targeting anti-Obama groups, a lot of them!

All of this adds up to more troubles for ObamaCare, especially now that the American people know that the IRS will be the agency asking you to fill out a few more forms!

ObamaCare just got more unpopular in the last 48 hours!  



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