The Great Reversal

The President of the United States comes out in favor of gay marriage. An NBA journeyman player announces that he is gay. The media hails this as a triumphal event. The President of the United States calls the player to congratulate him on his "courage." Some even call this a "Jackie Robinson" moment. What is this all about? Warning: It is about a lot more than people being free to be themselves and it is going to impact every single one of us.

The whole "gay marriage," and "gay athlete" progression is entirely about turning the tables on traditional values and especially Christian belief. This movement, which claims historic prejudice against homosexuality, is now all about prejudice against those who disagree, visited upon people who uphold the traditional view of marriage and sexuality. Those who formerly and even now claim persecution and their allies in government and media have become the persecutors. Privately, people of traditional faith will still be able to hold to their convictions, but what the purveyors of public morality are after is a total ban on all public dissent from the gay agenda.

It took precisely one day for this to occur after NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay. Chris Broussard, who covers the NBA for ESPN, speaking on ESPN's Outside the Lines, said "I don't agree with homosexuality." Broussard also said people engaging in "premarital sex or adultery" were "walking in open rebellion to God and Jesus Christ. I think it's a sin, as I think all sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is," Broussard said. ESPN later expressed regret about Broussard's comments calling them a "distraction."   Distraction from what?  A distraction from the one-sided narrative that proclaims any pro-gay revelation as the essence of progress and enlightenment. You see the trend here. Gay person comes out. Media and presidents praise. Any alternative view doesn't fit the culturally imposed proper conclusion.  Make no mistake. Free speech is in for a rough ride.

But pay attention as this trend emerges. The promise of "progressive views" is not just the disingenuous claim about "freedom to love."  It is also the license to suppress and dominate institutions, individuals and the very common language we share. Before long, every public institution in America will enforce one view on these matters. No other view will be tolerated. The irony is that they will claim "diversity" as their motive. But when the traditional view slips out, it will be lambasted back into the bushes where they believe it belongs.


Jay Haug is a free-lance writer and author of Beyond the Flaming Sword, available from