The First Word in BSA Now Stands for Betrayal

Yesterday was a dark day for America. Delegates to a national Boy Scouts of America (BSA) meeting in Texas apparently voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to validate homosexuality among boys. We are outraged. This is a betrayal of the highest magnitude. It's a betrayal of the boys in the Scouts' care. It's a betrayal of trusting parents. It's a betrayal of a 103-year-old institution that has molded millions of boys into men. It's a betrayal of truth and honor. Finally, it's a betrayal of God, in Whose name the organization furthered the priceless worth of being morally straight. The immoral campaign within the BSA to sell out America's youths on the altar of political correctness appears to have been motivated by greed for corporate dollars and fear of being "on the wrong side" of an increasingly coarse culture that not only rejects biblical truth but openly attacks it. The fallout of this evil act will be devastating, especially in areas where fathers are rare and boys...(Read Full Post)