Studied Ignorance

Once again, with the atrocity in Boston, we see our government officials at all levels - the president, the administration, the judiciary - feigning ignorance as to the provenance and motivation of the bombers.

Keep in mind that the people feigning ignorance about the hatred of Islam militants for America are not themselves nice people. These are not some pastoral tribe who cannot believe evil about anyone. The Dem/Left is vitriolic about...Republicans. They have characterized the Tea Party, as well-behaved and understandably motivated (balanced budget - free markets - limited government) a group of people as have ever graced politics as a radical racist insurgency. 

So, the Dem/Left is perfectly capable of hatred and vitriol.  Just not toward our enemies.  Why is this?

This is a tapestry with many threads, but the most important is that if the threat to our way of life presented by Islam militant were recognized, then the entire menagerie of the Left would be forced to concede that the historical actions of dead white men (DWM) were, in fact, reasonable responses to threats they faced in the past.  That there is no feminist solution to somebody who wants to rape you and slit your throat; there is no multi-culti solution to barbarity; there is no people of color approach to an enemy that escaped DWM in the past.  If someone is coming for you and your family, then either you survive or they do.  There is no New Age answer, no millenarian answer to that problem - it is a problem of the human condition, addressed by human beings in the past.

If that is true then the wellspring of rage that motivates the Left is a rage against...the human condition.  That there is nothing evil about Western culture; it is successful because it harnesses the creativity and energy of all its people and best serves the needs of its citizens. 

In order to maintain the Left's world order, it must pretend that the threat we face, the enmity that our simple existence generates in the heart of an evil philosophy, is not true or else the Left is no better than the people who built this country and who are vilified in the hearts of radicals.  The Left would cease to be the midwives of history and have to go out and...sell insurance, work in a supermarket or undertake some other activity of value to their fellow man.  Better to have atrocities visited on us and our fellow citizens (scroll down to picture 38) than acknowledge the enemy and destroy a world view.