President Pena-Nieto of Mexico needs to keep the heat on the cartels

There is a lot to like about President Pena-Nieto of Mexico.  He looks in charge.  He governed one of the largest states in Mexico and understands the importance of foreign investment in a developing economy.  He is from the old PRI (the party who governed Mexico until 2000 and gained a reputation for corruption) but wants to be a different PRI leader. However, his attitude toward the war on cartels is not of them. Pena-Nieto wants to change Mexico's image, from a nation where people are shooting each other to one where foreign companies are happily investing and creating jobs. In many ways, Mexico is doing quite well.   Pres Pena-Nieto is serious about reforms to energy and telecommunications. However, letting up on the cartels will make attracting foreign investment, and tourists, very very hard. We spoke with Alfredo Corchado of The Dallas Morning News on Wednesday's show.  He confirmed what we read in The New York...(Read Full Post)