New sexual harassment mandate for colleges could make asking for a date a crime

Hans von Spakovsky posted this story at PJ Media yesterday and is Exhibit A that conservatives should point to when anyone tells them that the Obama administration is "moderate": The breadth of this new mandate, plucked from the mists occupied only by the most radical ideologues, is staggering. Under DOJ/DOE's definition of sexual harassment, a student asking another out on a date could conceivably violate the law if the person being asked out found the question "unwelcome"and somehow believed it was the pretext to a sexual advance or romantic proposal. Or if a student was taking a health class where biological reproduction was discussed, the teacher might be found guilty of sexual harassment if one student found the discussion "unwelcome," even if no one else in the class and no reasonable person found it unwelcome or offensive. In other words, under this definition, the most trivial conduct could be considered sexual harassment. And, get this - if a university did not take...(Read Full Post)