Let's start telling young people the truth about college and jobs

A year ago, I came across Aaron Clarey's "Worthless", a book that brings you down to earth about the value of a college degree in today's marketplace.  I'd definitely recommend Aaron's book to parents & high school students.  It will make you think about the huge investment that you are about to make by starting college. Young people today are finding a tough marketplace, i.e. the GDP is still weak.  We can blame the slow economy for the tough jobs outlook.  However, the changes are more profound and will continue until we finally can enjoy a recovery.  As Thomas Friedman pointed out, getting a job is about bringing value not a degree to a future employer: "Underneath the huge drop in demand that drove unemployment up to 9 percent during the recession, there's been an important shift in the education-to-work model in America. Anyone who's been looking for a job knows what I mean. It is best summed up by the mantra from the...(Read Full Post)