Is there anything related to Benghazi that could get the president impeached?

Short answer - not yet. For all the words spread around recently about impeaching Obama over Benghazi, there is a curious ommission made in every single article and blog post I've read that advocates or predicts that Obama will be impeached. They all seem to be missing the words "high crimes and misdemeanors." Yes, I know - that silly Constitution seems to get in the way of our fun. But in order to impeach a president, you can't just connect a few dots and proclaim conspiracy. There must be proof - hard proof that would stand up in a court of law - and I haven't seen anything yet that remotely reaches that tough standard. Mike Huckabee disagrees: "I believe that before it's all over, this president will not fill out his full term. I know that puts me on a limb," the former Arkansas governor said on "The Mike Huckabee Show." "But this is not minor. It wasn't minor when Richard Nixon lied to the American people and worked with those in his administration to cover-up what really...(Read Full Post)