Is it time to consider a RICO case against the Administration?

We are finding out new and interesting revelations about how our government operates every day, it seems. From an ever expanding IRS scandal to the Department of Justice's fishing expedition at AP to the President of the United States telling us that he found out about all of this in the newspapers just like the rest of us, it seems that everywhere we look there is evidence of the Administration using the apparatus of government as a tool of political repression and widespread corruption. So say such diverse authorities as Bob Woodward, Charles Rangel, Peggy Noonan and Jon Stewart. There is now enough evidence to begin considering a RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) case. Think about it. It began with Czars and Czarinas unanswerable to anyone but the president and shielded from any form of oversight. Whole segments of the economy were reorganized behind closed doors, and GM and Chrysler bondholders and retirees were disestablished. The rule of law was damaged. ...(Read Full Post)