IRS dumped scandal news on Friday by using planted question at ABA meeting

I wrote this yesterday about the way that the IRS scandal was unveiled by the administration: Obviously it is better to deliver bad news at a time of your own choosing and with some kind of damage control plan in hand. When Lois Lerner answered what appears to have been a planted question about IRS targeting conservatives and answered the seemingly out of the blue query by referring to notes already prepared, you have to wonder if the entire episode was staged as part of a PR campaign to limit the damage and protect Obama from the taint of scandal. Yes. Even a broken clock...etc. But there's more, as The Hill points out: Steven Miller, the acting IRS commissioner, said Friday that last week's revelation that the IRS gave special scrutiny to Tea Party groups came from a planted question. Lois Lerner, an IRS official with oversight of tax-exempt groups, disclosed the scrutiny at an American Bankers Association conference last Friday after a question from a lawyer who has...(Read Full Post)