He looks like a man who would rather be opening a library than governing a country

President Obama's press conference showed me a man who is either isolated from reality or unfit for the executive position that he ran for. 

To be fair, this "100th day" standard is silly.  I am not really sure why presidents even talk about it but they do. What's the big deal about 100 days in a 1300-plus days term?

President Obama looked so bad today that even Dana Milbank  used the word "moribound" when referring to his presidency.

 This is on top of Maureen Dowd writing that he did not know how "to govern"

Zeke Miller noticed that he was in charge but not in control.

Ron Fournier even made a comparison to President Clinton in 1995 after he lost the House & Senate.

I just watched a rerun of the news conference and had a simple question:  What was the point of this news conference anyway?

I had to laugh at a couple of his comments.  Wonder how bad this guy would look if he actually had a media that was aggressive and asked tough questions?

As usual, he blamed Congress.  He forgot to say that it was a Democratic Congress that denied funds to close GITMO.  It was Senate Democrats who killed the gun control bill last week. 

On the problems implementing ObamaCare, he looked so out of touch that Democrats must be banging their fists against the wall. 

On Benghazi, he was unaware of the "whistleblowers" controversy.   Didn't Jay Carney tell him that he might get a question about it? 

On Syria, his explanation was so silly that the world must be wondering about his state of mind.  I am not suggesting that we should send in troops but dancing around "red lines" makes him look so weak.  Are we supposed to have a video of a Syrian opening a can and forcing someone to smell it? 

Last week, President Obama was in Dallas and must have noticed how happy the ex-presidents were.  His predecessors were smiling and giddy. 

It makes me wonder if President Obama wouldn't rather be building a library than governing the country. 

That's the impression that I got from this thing called a news conference today.

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