Growing evidence we may be in for a 'mini-ice age'

Christopher Booker, writing in the Sunday Telegraph of April 27: "Has there ever in history been such an almighty disconnect between observable reality and the delusions of a political class that is quite impervious to any rational discussion?" What "observable reality"? "Here in Britain, where we had our fifth freezing winter in a row, the Central England Temperature record - according to an expert analysis on the US science blog Watts Up With That - shows that in this century, average winter temperatures have dropped by 1.45C, more than twice as much as their rise between 1850 and 1999, and twice as much as the entire net rise in global temperatures recorded in the 20th century." Peter Ferrara has compiled an eye-popping list of climate statistics to show that a realization is developing in some of the scientific community that we may be in for a couple of decades of global cooling that will mimic the worst of the "Little Ice Age" that lasted from approximately...(Read Full Post)