Friday news dump? More like a Friday nuclear bomb

It's possible that the Obama administration "dumped" the IRS story on Friday so that  people would forget Benghazi.  

However, I disagree!  The IRS story is like dropping a nuclear bomb so that the fans forget last night's game. 

Today, we heard that The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is up in arms about IRS leaks:

"Now -- on the heels of news the IRS's apology for having targeted conservative groups -- NOM is renewing their demand that the Internal Revenue Service reveal the identity of the people responsible.

"There is little question that one or more employees at the IRS stole our confidential tax return and leaked it to our political enemies, in violation of federal law," said NOM's president Brian Brow, in a prepared statement. "The only questions are who did it, and whether there was any knowledge or coordination between people in the White House, the Obama reelection campaign and the Human Rights Campaign. We and the American people deserve answers.""

Yes, we deserve answers.  I don't want to hear that some bureaucrat in Cincinnati (George Will) flipped the wrong switch or went on a rampage because his wife left him for "a tea party member".

Somebody up the "food chain" made this call to target opponents of the Obama administration.

Let me be fair and give President Obama the benefit of the doubt since I don't know that he knew about it or engineered such a stupid act. 

At the same time, how many times are we supposed to believe that President Obama is surrounded by people who never tell him anything?

Fast & Furious?  Solyndra's financial statements?  Benghazi?

Put me down as someone who believes that the IRS scandal will lead to one of two things:

1) The resignation of President Obama, specially if the scandal gets close to him; or,

2) The crippling of the Obama presidency, if we learn that this is another example of his lackadaisical managerial style.

President Obama will lose either way.   The country will lose too!  We need to address serious problems and this administration's self inflicted wounds are making it difficult to do so. 

P.S. We spoke with George Rodriguez of The San Antonio Tea Party on Tuesday's show.  George revealed some of the difficulties that he faced with the IRS.  George confirmed that many Tea Party activists were intimidated by the information requests.  They thought that it was all bureaucratic problems.  He obviously does not feel that way today. 

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