Free Nakoula!

Rush Limbaugh casually mentioned the fact in the wake of the new Benghazi revelations that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the Christian producer of the much-discussed video, the Innocence of Muslims, was "somewhere in California."

He is not. In its wisdom, the U.S. Department of Justice decided to bury him in Anthony, Texas, a largely Hispanic town at the very westernmost tip of West Texas. Mr. Nakoula resides there at the Federal Correctional Institution -- La Tuna and will continue to do so until August 26, 2013.

Why West Texas? It seems likely that the Feds don't want him talking, and so the further from a media too indifferent to look hard, the better. At the suggestion of his attorneys, I wrote to Nakoula a few months back asking for an interview. He has not replied. There is good reason for him to remain silent.

When arraigned in November 2012, Nakoula, as part of his plea deal, was sentenced to a year in prison and four years of supervised release. The Feds have it within their power to imprison him for those additional four years if he does not cooperate.

If the Bush White House had done to Nakoula what the Obama White House did -- and don't think for a second this order did not come from the top -- there would be outrage in the newsrooms and protests in the street.

Apparently, the only civil libertarians left in America are on the right. Time to get marching. 

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