First they came for you...but I didn't care. Then they came for me. And you didn't care

First the IRS came for the TEA Party and other conservatives. And I said "Hooray!" because I wasn't conservative or a TEA Party supporter.  The conservatives and TEA Party types are narrow-minded and intolerant; I believe in pluralism and diversity of thought and tolerance for all...those who agree with me.  Then they came for the Jewish conservatives, who support Israel and I said "Hooray!" because I wasn't a Jewish conservative; sure, I grudgingly support Israel's right to long as they don't defend themselves too much. Then they came for home schooling parents, and I said t "Hooray!" because I think all children belong in government run, taxpayer schools. And then they came for me,and there was no one left to speak for me, because all those who truly believed in civil rights and liberty for all were silenced. My little riff on Martin Niem├Âller's original statement about the dangers of ignoring government abusing others' rights as happened in...(Read Full Post)