Diversity Examined

I recently spotted a "Diversity is America" bumper sticker and it got me to thinking. Is that right? Well, there is no doubt we are a nation of immigrants representing all races, nations and creeds. Since the word diverse means "different" or "varied"; then we are a diverse nation in that regard. However, those who chant the mantra of diversity have something else altogether in mind. In their lexicon, diversity and multiculturalism are synonymous. Their idea of multiculturalism means paying homage to all foreign cultures equally with the culture of western civilization that spawned our great country.

The motto on the Seal of the United States; E Pluribus Unum, recognizes the strength of our country to be the assimilation of the diverse immigrants into a national unity.  It means the opposite of preserving foreign cultures inside our nation's borders. Viewed in this way; "Unity is America" would be a more apt bumper sticker. Our forefathers cherished the idea of assimilating all foreigners by offering them equal opportunity to become Americans. Today's preachers of diversity are bent on dividing this great land into cultural and ethnic ghettos at odds with the core traditions and values that America has always stood for.

Perhaps a peek back at the now obsolete meaning of the original English word, divers, would cast some light on the true motives of the diversity crowd. Our word, diverse, came from the old English, divers. The second meaning in the OED of this original word goes as follows; "Differing from or opposed to what is right, good or profitable. Perverse, evil, cruel, adverse, unfavorable".  These preachers of diversity are nothing more than a truly "divers" bunch themselves.