Confirmed: White House counsel knew of tea party targeting weeks ago

We knew from Jay Carney that the White House counsel, Kathryn Ruemmler, was told by Treasury Department attorneys on April 22 that an inspector general was working on a report on IRS abuses in the tax exempt shop. What we didn't know was what exactly the IRS told Ruemmler about the report. A White House official has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that the counsel was informed of many of the specifics that would be contained in the report, including the targeting of conservative groups. The president keeps claiming that he didn't know anything about the targeting until the day that Lois Lerner answered the planted question about the matter at a meeting of the American Bankers Association on Friday, May 10. But if his counsel knew of the program a month ago, why wasn't he told? President Barack Obama said last week he learned about the controversy at the same time as the public, on May 10, when an IRS official revealed it to a conference of lawyers. The president's...(Read Full Post)