Common Core or Hardcore: Nowhere Else to Go

The intended consequences of the education reform movement have finally shaken out due to the debate over Common Core.  We're left with nationalized standards via either the Common Core or hardcore progressivism. We get two "choices" in leadership: the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) crowd, headed by Obama/Duncan/Rhee/Gates/RINOs or the Dewey-driven traditionally progressive public schools crowd headed by Bill Ayers and Diane Ravitch, education professor at New York University. But wait.  Didn't Mary Grabar of Accuracy in Media point out Bill Ayers' connection to Common Core?  How can Ayers be on team Obama but at the same time in the Ravitch camp?  In a statement of support for Ayers a couple days after the 2012 elections, Ravitch forgives the terrorist for his activities "in the 1960s" because he speaks truth to power in 2012 when writing an open letter calling on Obama to "rethink his policies." What a tangled web.  The only feasible hypothesis is...(Read Full Post)