Benghazi plus IRS audits prove that the Obama campaign was in panic mode in 2012

Just finished watching a bit of Press Secretary Jay Carney getting grilled by reporters.  Did you get the feeling that Carney was ready to submit his resignation and let someone else carry the water for this corrupt enterprise called the Obama administration?  I don't know Carney personally but I can't believe that he is very happy being the face of this story! The good news is that the media is asking questions. The media looked like the scorned woman who just learned that the man of her dreams has been lying to her. The bad news is that this White House can't come clean. It would do President Obama a lot of good to go back and check out what President Kennedy did after The Bay of Pigs. He took responsibility for the whole thing and put the issue behind him. Today's story about the IRS is even worse than Benghazi.  This is what we learned today: "The IRS apologized on Friday for inappropriately flagging conservative political groups for...(Read Full Post)