20 Tunisian Islamists get suspended sentences for storming US embassy

A curious idea of justice, have these Islamists. The Australian: TWENTY people have received a two-year suspended prison sentence for their part in a deadly attack on the US embassy in Tunisia last year, their lawyer said. "They all got a two-year suspended sentence," said lawyer Anouar Ouled Ali. "We will see with their families if they want to appeal. If they want to, we will do it," he added. The verdict, which was not made public, came after only half a day, an unusually short trial in the north African country. Hundreds of angry Islamist protesters attacked the US mission in Tunis on September 14 after an American-made film mocking their religion was published on the Internet. Four of the assailants were killed and dozens wounded in the violence, which saw protesters storm the embassy and torch a neighbouring American school. Questioned individually by the judge, the accused denied having taken part in the protest or attacking the embassy and the police. unisian...(Read Full Post)