Wonder how many women want to go on an anniversary trip to engage in 'people to people diplomacy'?

Here is one to try on your wife later today. Go home and tell your wife that you have a great anniversary vacation in mind.  Yes, tell your wife that you want to take her on an anniversary celebration to promote "people to people" diplomacy with a country that we don't have diplomatic relations with. Let me give you a hint:  Bring some flowers and tell her that you were just kidding!  My guess is that most wives would show you their version of a Mohammed Ali left hook and threaten to hit you between the eyes! The "we think you are very stupid" Obama administration has come up with an explanation that leaves me speechless and I am not talking about the budget that just came out today. It turns out that the "Carters" (Jay-Z and Beyonce) got around the law by having their 5th wedding anniversary declared "people to people" contact or some kind of "educational mission"? This is so insane that it leads to a couple of ...(Read Full Post)