Why is Bill Ayers a professor of education at a public university?

On American Thinker yesterday, Warren Beatty discovered   It seems that well-known self-admitted terrorist and "visiting scholar" Bill Ayers has confirming what the White House has previously denied -- that he held a fundraiser in his living room in 1995 for Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama.   But, as Ayers further explained    Hyde Park in Chicago is a tiny neighborhood, so when he said I was 'a guy around the neighborhood,' that was true.  Today, I wish I knew him better and he was listening to me.  Obama's not a radical.  I wish he were, but he's not.  Now, "tiny neighborhood" is a relative term of course, but according to a June 23, 2003 community profile of the area in the Chicago Tribune 29,000 people lived there; with the adjacent Kenwood neighborhood, home of the ill gotten Obama residence, the"greater area including Kenwood and some areas to the west" had a population of 50,084, over half...(Read Full Post)