Where is Starbucks Board of Directors?

The CEO of Starbucks basically told a shareholder that if the shareholder believes in traditional marriage he should dump his Starbucks stock.

Historically the job of the CEO has been to make money and increase shareholder value.  It would seem telling people who don't share the CEO's personal beliefs, whether it's gay marriage or abortion, to dump the companies stock is not a pro-shareholder action.

This is another example of the liberal belief that everything belongs to liberals because they're just so darn much smarter than the rest of us; never mind they're not smart enough to create wealth on their own.  We've all seen liberals declare that a tax cut is a gift from the government but this is an interesting example of how liberals think that private companies belong to liberals so that driving down shareholder value is fine since it's in the service of liberalism.

In one sense this is an example of the overriding liberal socialist impulse; let government, ie liberals, run businesses because liberals are the best at everything.

It's clear that folks of all political positions should boycott Starbucks for the simple reason that we shouldn't have to make a political statement to buy a cup of coffee.

But that reaction is really bad for shareholder value.  If even only a few thousand people stop dropping their $5/day at Starbucks the company is hurt because the CEO is using the shareholders money to push his personal agenda.  And the situation only gets worse if more than a handful of people decide they don't like a company that spits on their beliefs.

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