'We are going to find out who did this.' And then what?

"We are going to find out who did this."  Says the President. Are we going to find out like we were assured we would "find out".... in the post Benghazi media aftermath?  And many ask...."And then what?" Even when we do find out, nothing seems to happen beyond the discovery. Is finding out the end game in today's world?  Or just in the Obama / Holder world?  And if the perpetrators are indeed caught, will they get the KSM treatment, or the Nidal Hassan treatment? Likely who ever is brought to justice will not be....brought to justice...in the classic sense. Our country, for some reason, doesn't want to hurt those who hurt us.  We have become entangled in some type of fowling net of our own weaving and design.  Is it the litigious maze or is it some other factor? Nidal stills draws breath, and a salary from the United States Army.  KSM apparently won't be put on trial unless it is in New York City.  And it seems equally apparent that...(Read Full Post)