Was the White House Bin Laden Photo Photoshopped?

President Obama's recent appointment of Julia Pierson to head the Secret Service provides an opportunity for the Republican senators to put her on record regarding the veracity of his claim to have gotten bin Laden.  Interesting questions about the photo have been raised here on The American Thinker. She ought to be able to answer the question: "Was the really Obama in the photo, or was it someone else?"

While the details of the president's schedule are definitely a matter of personal security in real time, more than a year later, the right of the Legislature to exercise its checks-and-balances duties is paramount.  If Obama was on the golf course when he should have been in the Situation Room, and he lied to us about his whereabouts, the American people have a right to know.

A prima facie look at the photo shows him wearing a jacket indoors.  In addition to returning 5% of his salary to the Treasury, has the president taken to emulating Jimmy Carter and turned down the thermostats in the White House?  Why was he presumably so cold when no one else was?  Is he ill?

All it would take is the logs of his Secret Service detail to prove his whereabouts at "Zero Dark Thirty" Afghanistan time.  Make the confirmation of Ms. Pierson contingent on producing the logs, and the issue can be put to rest, one way or another.