The Warmist Empire Strikes Back

The stubborn failure of actual climate to follow the model of the Warmists may have turned the tide of public opinion toward skepticism, but the ruling elites of the post-Gramsci intellectual establishment have many weapons with which to fight back.  They control the education of the next generation, for example, and can step up the indoctrination efforts. Justin Gillis of the New York Times:

Educators unveiled new guidelines on Tuesday that call for sweeping changes in the way science is taught in the United States - including, for the first time, a recommendation that climate change be taught as early as middle school.

Of course, the timing of this announcement was probably determined months ago, but coming soon after another pillar of the establishment, The Economist, jumped ship on the Warmists, it has the appearance of a retaliatory barrage, a demonstration of strength in depth. Hollywood, Washington DC, and Big Education wait in reserve.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky