The Stages of Grief -- the Gun Control Version

If you or a like-minded progressive has recently suffered a crippling blow to your most fervent efforts at gun control, we know how you feel. Every American liberal has, at some time or another, experienced a deep and distressing loss regarding their efforts to disarm the citizenry. You are not alone in having these feelings of humiliating defeat and embarrassment. Fortunately, there is hope. Every left-wing statist who has been through this process of mourning has reported feeling largely the same set of emotions, and in a largely predictable manner. Others have walked this path before you. If you are mourning the loss of an assault weapons ban, or the collapse of a universal background check bill, then the following list might be helpful: the Payne Model of Progressive Gun Control Grief. These emotions may be felt in any order, and in varying degrees. They are not meant to pigeonhole the process of progressive grief felt from a lack of government power. Talk this list over with...(Read Full Post)