The problem with Syria is that there are no good options

Be careful about promises because someone is likely to remind you of them.   Remember when President Obama issued a warning, the "red line" in Syria?  The game changer statement? It looks like someone crossed the line  and US intelligence agencies agrees that they have.  President Obama is buying time arguing about what the definition of what a "red line" is. The bottom line is that the line was crossed and everyone is looking for President Obama's next move! The reality is that Syria is one of those impossible problems reserved for presidents. And the "problem" just landed in the Oval Office. What do you do? 1) Do nothing is not an option.  You can't sit back and let someone drop chemical bombs on innocent people.  We did that with Saddam Hussein and it just emboldened him to invade Kuwait and get very reckless.  Also, doing nothing sends a signal to Israel about what we could do in...(Read Full Post)