The one question about immigration reform no one asks

There are many immigration reform proposals floating about.  Many have merits. But whether you agree with the concept or the mechanism, there is one question no one seems to ask.

Each and every one of the immigration reforms pushed forward requires one thing. That one requirement is a "sign up" or a "coming forward" by the illegal immigrant to enter the program or to initiate some type of process.

The "coming forward" by the illegal immigrant is a convenient assumption, which leads us to the question.

IF the illegal immigrant does not come forward, does not enroll in the immigration reform plan, does not enter the process, what then? 

What makes these politicians believe that those who have ignored previous rules will suddenly step forward to comply? 

When illegal immigrants ignore the enrollment, shun the program, and become in a sense "double illegal", what is to be done with them?  Give them one more break?  Or can we go "old school" and deport them?

Some journalist must ask this question of the proponents of all these immigration reform proposals.  I wonder what the answer will be.

Bruce Johnson

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