Thatcher's death an excuse for street parties in some British towns

There are a lot of people in Great Britain who are celebrating the death of Dame Thatcher today. The Guardian reports they even had street parties in the cities of Glasgow and Briston: Several hundred people gathered in south London on Monday evening to celebrate Margaret Thatcher's death with cans of beer, pints of milk and an impromptu street disco playing the soundtrack to her years in power. Young and old descended on Brixton, a suburb which weathered two outbreaks of rioting during the Thatcher years. Many expressed jubilation that the leader they loved to hate was no more; others spoke of frustration that her legacy lived on. To cheers of "Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead," posters of Thatcher were held aloft as reggae basslines pounded. Clive Barger, a 62-year-old adult education tutor, said he had turned out to mark the passing of "one of the vilest abominations of social and economic history". He said: "It is a moment to remember. She embodied everything that...(Read Full Post)