Surprise! Obamacare subsidies will cost 65% more than estimated in 2012 budget

See Obamacare. See Obamacare subsidies. See Obamacare subsidies rise. Rise, rise rise. See Mr. and Mrs. America. See Mr. and Mrs. America get mad. Mad, mad mad. Perhaps the White House should take a remedial reading course. Politico: According to the new White House budget, from the time the exchanges open in 2014 to 2021, the administration expects to spend about $606 billion on subsidies, a massive commitment of federal resources. That's about 27 percent more than the $478 billion projected in the president's budget last year, and 65 percent more than the $367 billion for the same period in the 2012 budget. But experts -- and government actuaries -- attribute much of the jump to the Supreme Court's changing the rules of the game when it made the Medicaid expansion under the health law optional for states. [...] The Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will cost about $9,000 in subsidies for a person who would have qualified for Medicaid under the expansion --...(Read Full Post)