Some Questions Sen. Grassley Might Ask Medicare/Medicaid Agency Nominee in Confirmation Hearings

So far Marilyn Tavenner, acting director of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has avoided a serious vetting. But today a confirmation hearing is set for the woman who has headed the $800 billion agency for the last year and a half since taking over from Donald Berwick. This is the second time President Obama has nominated Tavenner. The first time, Finance Chairman Max Baucus stated a hearing would only end up "dominated by controversial health care politics." In 2012 another ranking member of the Finance Committee, Orrin Hatch said "any nominee to a federal agency with this much power and authority over the lives of millions of Americans must be carefully scrutinized." In 2011 Dr. Jane Orient,  Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians  and Surgeons (AAPS)  agreed with Senator Hatch suggesting Tavenner should receive no less scrutiny than Berwick.   The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons a group...(Read Full Post)